This is one of the all time greatest games ever, you realize that right?

I remember playing this game before it was open source (when it was developed by Wales right?) I watched a let’s play of it it and was impressed, then I played it myself and enjoyed it, doing bumps of coke (in-game), collecting backpacks and having fun killing and being killed by zombies in ascii… many years ago.

I have been playing on and off since, coming back a few years ago I was astonished at being able to drive a car around (with tilesets too, wow!). Now instead of just being fueled by coke I could be fueled by petrol… it was pretty cool, also now I could mutate myself into a werewolf and prowl the streets searching for gear and prey to eat.

I was increasingly surprised that the community has not only kept it going but was making it into something awesome. Then I stopped playing again for years and assumed the game had probably died off but when I decided to check it out on a lark I found that it is still cranking and that it is much more complex and well-wrought. People were even still doing video coverage of it (thanks Vormithrax, in my case) and the game also had many new systems, concepts and more realism.

This game is quite an amazing thing. I have been following a rogue-like on steam which will be released soon apparently (Stoneshard?) but after playing this for the past couple weeks I realize that game won’t be anywhere in the same universe as highly developed and interesting as this game as it simply hasn’t had the development time that CDDA has had put into it. So keep it up, and maybe I will even lend my own meager and undeveloped programming skills to the mix if I have anything worthwhile to add. Thanks and sorry for the sycophantic encouragement I know it is gross so…apologies. (shit, even that sounds obsequious and gross too, oh well).


Blob have spread over the Earth. It controls our world. I hope that Cataclysm DDA will do the same thing to the whole gaming world. Cata deserves it

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Yep - and one of the coolest things is that’s it also accessible for vision impaired via screen readers on Linux - something that cannot surprise me enough

Well, the interest in accessibility and complexity in games actually led me to understanding that many ASCII+text roguelikes, MUDs and text games in general appear to be quite deep experiences

I’m not saying, absolutely not saying that the fact that a great portion of the game relies on text makes the development much easier but gameplay portion can be made significantly deeper if we don’t rely purely on graphics, animations and all other cosmetic stuff

Gameplay over graphics.
It might just be the era myself and others grew up in but video games for me started out on stuff like Commodores and similiar set ups. I still remember being taught how to do the code for coloured text and loading games up from tapes, text based adventures and stuff. You used to have to have a decent imagination to really enjoy that kind of thing.


Just imagine the potential of the game if we have 2-3 more years of steady progress and features development… In some months we are going to hit the build 10.000 and we are getting 0.E stable, amazing progress! Of course there are a LOT of bugs/features to work on but just imagine the potential this game have!