Is there a way to join the free merchants?

I was wondering because i’m doing some Quest’s for them to know if it makes sense to refuse taking a reward, so i can improve my reputation to join them one day.

Also are there any notworthy item rewards or is it just better to take the skill teaching reward everytime?

What about that 11 Intelligence dialogue option? Will he ever accept?

Also what about the old guard? Is it possible to join them down the questline (and same goes for the item rewards)

Thanks for helping me out in advance!

Well, backup a save and try. I was going to try myself, but I don’t really want to join anybody.

He will say no i tried it before, so i figure (considering you can join) i must do more quests for him, before he accepts, if i ask him again ( the dialogue option stays)

Currently you can’t join the Free Merchants.

However, it’s not too hard to write dialogue trees and more Free Merchant questlines, including one to join them eventually, would be a welcome addition to the game.

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You can join them, it grants you the “US Marshall” trait that means eyebots and such will recognize you as an officer of the law.

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Seriously?? That is cool information. Thanks!

How about robots in prisons and such?

Only eyebots will ignore you if they take you for an officer (which requires certain traits such as the aforementioned “US Marshal” trait and the player must also be wearing a badge). Every other robot will still attack you on sight.

Thanks. I may have removed the badge. Good to know =D

Yeah I’m a US Marshal now, which technically means Im not part of the old guard officially just working for them, but its atleast something roleplay wise :slight_smile:

The quest line for The Old Guard and The Free Merchants semm to be broken, for me at least.
The quest to kill bandits and raiders can’t be done because thier base’s coordinate doesn’t exist.
But when I venture into a nearby foresst, I found the bandit’s hideout ?