0.C-3702 - Wierdness when trying to demolish reinforced glass

I’m not entirely sure whether this is a bug or simply the game working counter-intuitively, but I’m having a lot of trouble breaking through the glass walls protecting the magazine rooms in the labs. As far as I can tell, without getting lucky and either teleporting inside, finding a bizzarely unguarded staircase from another level, or finding the extremely rare probability travel CBM, the only way to get inside is to blow them open with explosives. Which is fine.

The problem is, I’m having extremely inconsistent results with the same types of explosives. One wall might require only a single stick of dynamite to get through, while another I have yet to open after three sticks of dynamite and two C-4 charges. I’m not sure if the game simply isn’t applying the damage in some cases, or if a sufficiently powerful explosive has X% chance to break a given wall, and the probability is very low, with no cumulation of damage. Either way, you would think there should be no way any kind of glass could stand up to the kind of punishment I’m subjecting it to, and it seems a little harsh to expect the player to just keep wasting high explosive charges until the RNG decides the wall has had enough. If a single stick of dynamite will occasionally get through, then two consecutive sticks should ALWAYS get through. Assuming, of course, that there isn’t a major technical limitation preventing this.

Edit: Finally managed to get through. Total required explosives to bust a single pane of reinforced glass: 5 sticks of dynamite and four C-4 charges. I don’t know what they make that glass out of, but I want some armour made out of it!

Edit 2: Hah! Turns out you can bust through them by whacking at them repeatedly with a makeshift crowbar with a Hydraulic Strength CBM active. So that’s my particular conundrum solved, though I still think explosives should be more viable at the task.

Generally, furniture and terrain don’t take damage, they either get hit with enough force to break completely or nothing happens. There are cases for some things where it will transition through another terrain/furniture type until it’s completely broken though, like door->smashed door->door frame.