Death Looping Zombies?

I just downloaded tonight’s build and have been burning Zombie corpses to prevent them reviving but while watching three of them burn, I keep getting the A nearby corpse rises and moves towards you! message followed by The zombie dies! Is this a bug?

Just butcher them. It keeps them down forever.

But burning sounds so much cooler!

Not when they get back up and set fire to everything around them.

They don’t really move. Just stand up and show a Z then the next turn they die. Fire went out and corpses are showing as burnt zombie corpses and they have stopped reviving. Just weird I guess.

OHMYGOD <3<3<3 WHAT A PARADISE. Are you opposed to !!FUN!!

This is actually pretty funny. The fire keeps killing them, and if I dance around it I can bait other zombies to run into it, so I have about 10-12 zombies burning now. I think one of them had a grenade though cause there was an explosion. This tactic helped me out though I haven’t acquired a ranged weapon and it let me kill a boomer and a couple smokers.

Death Looping Zombies is a good name for a band.