Is it cheating to

So I had a decent run on a character but ended up getting killed. I usually reset the world between characters but apparently I forgot this time. I found my old base without cheating or intending too. It’s got all my stuff in it. This character has survived till late autumn in the first year. Now I’m kind of conflicted if I should loot my old base or not. It sort of feels like cheating, but it’s not like I was trying to do it on purpose…

There’s no cheating in a single player game.

Also some people like to leave spare armor/weapons in bases/evac shelter with supplies coupled with message in roleplay fashion for future characters.

I’m pretty sure that the whole reason you are able to generate new characters in previous worlds is so that your characters can interact with each other (including looting previous dead characters). If this was an exploit, or cheating, it wouldn’t be there as a clearly intended feature. Therefore, it is up to you whether you wish to take advantage of this feature or not. Intentionally beelining for your base with a new character after a previous one dies based on knowledge of map sections that aren’t explored on your new character may be a bit ‘meta’, but it’s still not cheating. Accidentally stumbling upon it, though - that’s pretty much the whole point in playing a new character on the same world, instead of just generating a new world, isn’t it?

I agree with the above. You could also eat the corpse of your previous survivor if you really wanted to do so.

Better than my usual alt-F4-after-death cheat, I suppose.

It certainly is not cheating, but is immersion breaking.

I would eat a lighter or migrate to a new world.

I always reset my world after dying to get the full Roguelike experience, but the fact that I have to manually do this instead of having it done automatically proves that finding your previous character’s stuff is an intended feature.

Of course there is. It just depends on whether you find cheating to be fun or not. I personally don’t like cheating either as I play the game for a challenge.

If I were you, even though I don’t like cheating, I’d probably go ahead and re-use that old base. Call it a bit of a second chance, but it was a second chance that you earned through your own hard work. Just roleplay that you’re another survivor that stumbled upon this base and decided to live in it.

You might feel less like a cheat if you impose a handicap on yourself. In exchange for re-using your old base, maybe destroy all of your tools and weapons and skillbooks. Or keep a few, destroy the rest.

There is my old static NPC there so I’m pondering treating it like the stuff is his and I have to trade him stuff for it. Glad I raided that jewelry store…

Wasn’t there an option to do so though?

Wasn’t there an option to do so though?[/quote]

“Delete world” - I don’t want to have to go through making a world again. Faster to do a manual reset than automatic delete and make a new one.

[quote=“Alec White, post:2, topic:13838”]There’s no cheating in a single player game.

Also some people like to leave spare armor/weapons in bases/evac shelter with supplies coupled with message in roleplay fashion for future characters.[/quote]

I’m going to start stocking evac shelters.

That’s an awesome idea, and also something I could see myself doing in a post-apocalyptic setting if I had extra equipment lying around. Probably be limited to bolt action rifles and maybe some canned goods and tools I had extras of. I’d be too wary of leaving actual combat weapons around since you never know who might pick them up.

Lugging around a ton of rifles in the real world gets disorganized as hell, we have enough trouble digging everything out of bags at the range with two guys, four rifles, a shotgun, and a couple of pistols. Stuff gets spread through backpacks, cartridges end up in all kinds of places, ear plugs everywhere… It’s bad. We could probably rectify it if we weren’t lazy, but c’est la vie.

If anything, Cataclysm is terribly unrealistic in that regard. I’ve been living out of a backpack and a big duffel bag for about a year and stuff ends up in all kinds of places no matter how often I organize it… and Iv’e been at it long enough that I actually have spent a ton of money on specialized stuff for keeping it organized(packing cubes, strap organizers, smaller packs). It’ll all be good to go, but within a week of landing somewhere for awhile it’s all FUBAR.