Link world and character generation

So I was thinking it’d be cool to have a mode where character and world generation were linked. You would have an additional screen during character generation which would have traits for the world. These would add and remove points from the existing pool.
For numeric values you could have something like this…
More Spawns->Even More Spawns->Lots of Spawns->Too Much Spawns->Suicide

Each one would give you more points towards making your character. What do you think?

Big thing is that world generation only happens with new overmaps, which in most cases means new characters follow whatever the world was before. As such you would be able to generate the world first on a “easy as pie” setting, suicide, then start additional characters on the “suicide” setting and never need to care that it’s set so hard as long as you stick to the first overmap.

I mean you could literally do the same thing by just setting the world to delete after character death, then giving yourself an additional number of initial points based on how hard you think the world you are going to generate would be.

Valid point. I’d say lock the world settings for the character generation part from that point on.
Just make this mode add/minus character points to characters generated in that world. So all characters made in that world would get the same.
So to clarify…
You choose free or predefined character generation mode when generating the world. When doing predefined it’ll add/minus points based on the world settings. This would apply to all characters who are created in that world. Does that address your issue?

Again, I’m still not seeing much of a point when the current system already lets you do this, and more, without adding another random thing for developers to “balance” to the likings of a vastly different group of opinions.

The point would be a mode where you’d have regulated character point addition based on world settings.