How long does a ranged attack take?

In moves seconds or whatever if a ranged attack from a gun takes time how long is it?
Note: this does not include aiming.

Well firing a gun without aiming at all only takes one turn and each turn is six seconds. It takes six seconds to pull the trigger. You could have also just got a watch or cellphone to look at the ingame time just before firing and then just after to see how long anything takes.

I think Kevin expressed his interest in reforming this turn system to 1 second intervals. But my memory is foggy about this.

The side bar shows the “moves to fire” when you aim. 100 moves = one turn = 6 seconds (unless you have speed traits. The “current speed” in char info tells how many moves per turn you get).

I think the extra moves just roll to next turn. So 160 moves would take one turn and on next turn you would have only 40 moves until the turn ends.