0.C-1462-gd5a29cc: aiming a longbow makes firing take less time

I’m shooting fletched heavy wooden arrows from a longbow. When I [f]ire it, it takes 12 seconds. When I [a]im, [c]arefully aim, or [p]recisely aim, it takes 6 seconds.

0 - hands
5 - torso, arms, legs
10 - feet, eyes, mouth, head

12 str
10 dex
10 int
10 per

5 archery
2 marksmanship

I have noticed similar. [f]->[a] is faster than [f]->[f] which seems counter-intuitive. The speed is noticeable both in terms of the ticks-used shown in the right screen and in terms of how far enemies move, so it seems like a real difference.