How is vehicle data per vehicle saved

EDIT: Forget about this thread. I came to a wrong conclusion.

How and where is vehicle data saved?
I try to find a solution for a bug which removed a modified vehicle.
I found out that “remembered” vehicles are listed in the file save\your map name here\o.0.0
in this format:
,“tracked_vehicles”:[{“id”:1,“name”:“Mobile Meth Lab”,“x”:68,“y”:48},

The missing vehicle is not in that list any more. It was kicked out of it´s ID position by a vehicle which also has the name “Humvee.” The kicking vehicle was marked for tracking much later but has a position in the middle of the tracking list. I noticed that by comparing the coordinates from the tracking list with the ingame map.

To retrieve my “custom Humve RV” I have the hope to find it´s configuration tilewise stored somewhere in the save files.

EDIT: Nevermind. I came to a wrong conclusion. I could solve the issue.

I uploaded a fixed save for you in your original topic.

I searched for the string “Humvee” in the *.map files and in the results i searched for curtains, because i saw in your history you built curtains into your vehicle. That way i found your humvee in the file.

With debug option “Check game state” i got your overmap location 67,71,0

I cut out the humvee data from the file and inserted into the 67.71.0 file. I had no idea where will be the exact location of the car, but it was just few steps away from your character.

The vehicle “warped” away from the position of the save. I guess because vehicle position is related to map position.

This happened because I killed the game on character death via CRTL+ALT+DEL.
The vehicle was more south where it was parked, when I killed the game. It was not at the position of the last save. It was so to say in the future of the save.

EDIT: I tried alot for 3 days to retrieve the vehicle somehow. I made alternative characters on the same map. I made new characters on a new map to have only few results when searching for cars with Notepad++ in the files. To have it easier to understand the code and how vehicles are tracked. Tried teleporting before the bug message occures and used Notepad ++ to search all files in the savegame folder for “Humvee”. That way i found save\mapname\o.0.0. Where marked vehicle data is stored. With that list I looked every vehicle up and found that bugger finally.

Damn, I´m happy now. :grin:

*I´m really thankful on the other hand for your help.

Can you tell in which files you found “Humvee” and “curtains”? As this is what I want to look into.

In the save there are map files (here was under the \save\Carter Lake\maps), every map file contains everything about the corresponding overmap tile.

I found “Humvee” in this files:
<cdda dir>\save\Carter Lake\maps\0.0.0\
<cdda dir>\save\Carter Lake\maps\0.0.0\
<cdda dir>\save\Carter Lake\maps\0.0.0\
<cdda dir>\save\Carter Lake\maps\0.0.0\

In your .sav file (<cdda dir>\save\Carter Lake\maps\0.0.0#Sm9obiBIYXJkd29vZA==.sav) i found the “You open the Humvee’s curtain.” message. So i searched for the “curtains” in that files first but found nothing, so i searched simply for “curtain”. There was only one hit (the vehicle curtains game id is v_curtain):
<cdda dir>\save\Carter Lake\maps\0.0.0\


If I may please, thank you.
Been trying to figure this out for 3 hours. Was about to give up until i found this.