How is the amount of experienced gain through... well any action (I am specifically looking into crafting) determined?

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Crafting experience is relative to the difficulty of item crafted and the time it took to craft, adjusted for batch size. You don’t get experience for crafting if your skill level is more than 1.25*the item difficulty.

If your doing trapping you get 20 % for making a nailboard trap 2 for removing. So for base difficulty/difficulty equal to you level take something like 20 per above equal I can’t help. It goes for all things just make sure you have high intelligence else wise you will fall spectacularly often. 8 is good but 10/9 help with high difficulty things.

Plus your Focus affects your experience gains as well. Iirc, it’s a flat multiplier to the formula mentioned above.

I honestly don’t know what focus does to experience I know it has an effect if it’s below 100 but above I’ve not notice it doing anything. Would you be able to tell me if it does anything if it doesn’t bother you too much?

As far as I know, it’s a flat multiplier. The higher your focus, the more experience you are going to gain. Focus is related to morale, so the higher your morale while studying, the better.

If your Focus is 162, you will earn 162% of the experience you would earn compared to a Focus of 100.