Crafting focus drop

I have been finding some recipies - especially those with higher level crafting requirments (fabrication 6 usually) - seem to crater my focus almost immediately. Like, from 120 to about 6 in 10 minutes worth of crafting in some cases. While some recipes taking longer makes sense, this seems excessive. glass pipe as an example. broadhead arrows as another.

What sort of calcs are going on to determine how much focus is lost per time-period crafting something? Are higher level crafting recipes just inherently more focus draining? Does not having proficiency increase focus loss massively? Is there something else going on that is intended behavior, that I am just unaware of? Or is focus drop during crafting not working properly right now.

I’ve seen this mentioned on Reddit; apparently this is supposed to eventually be balanced by having a much bigger focus pool but for now it’s pretty much completely borked.

It seems a little strange to me seeing as so many complaints over the development of this game have been about how unrealistic it is for people to be able to just read their way to mid/late game level by bunkering down for a few days or weeks with a stack of reading material rather than actually having to learn by using the skill. This change seems to reinforce that.

I haven’t updated though so I don’t have actual experience of how unbalanced it is. I might end up staying on my latest update (already several weeks old) for a long time :slight_smile:

I just assumed it was the “People learn too fast in this game” crowd nerfing focus when crafting