Crafting gives (6x?) too much experience

Ever since the switch 1s turns, it’s been trivial to get your skills up. Crafting a single speargun (1h) at focus 100 gives you about 44% something of your total required xp to mechanics 4. I don’t mind crafting being vastly more efficient than books, but this just feels like using the debug console.

Another odd thing is that short crafting time recipes DEVOUR focus like crazy but give little xp. It feels like every recipe has “x” amount of “focus drain ticks”… let’s say 25, that are compressed over the duration of the recipe, but xp given is based on crafting time without having anything to do with those focus ticks. In practise it makes no sense to use short duration recipes over long ones when looking to level since you just burn out of focus for no reason.

I’ve been waiting for this to get fixed or even mentioned but haven’t seen anything so I had to make a topic.