How important is the lore?

I’m wondering how important is understanding the lore for enjoyment of the game. I personally only know it on a very superficial level and don’t really care to look too deeply into it.

I think by its nature, if you don’t care about the lore then you don’t need to care about the lore.

For me, I ask questions about why X is the way it is, why are there Y monsters, and look for internally consistent explanations for things in the game. If the explanations aren’t there, then I don’t enjoy the game as much as I might otherwise. Because of that, I like lore in games.

It sounds like these things don’t bother you. So you’re probably fine. :wink:

It won’t really hold you back much (if at all) to ignore it.

For playing the game if you don’t care about the lore it’s no biggie.

For making many suggestions (or discussing them) it’s important that you at least understand the basics of the lore, as internal consistency is one of the things that we tend to strive for in new content in the game.