I have never read any spoilers, what about you?

I have never read up on any artifacts or anything. I have also only ever found 1 artifact and just recently ( Whispering tube ) and was dissapointed with it’s results. I have been playing off and on sense it was whale’s project.

Just wandering if you goes like to go at it with the sense of not knowing what you’ll fine or spoiler your self and go straight for the goodies?

So far as I am concerned, a spoiler is that thing that goes on your car to help air flow.

Haha, yea for you it must be.

Dpends on whats in it… If i do not have any information as to whats hidden there… well then i can not resist.

For me, spoiler = click me.

Making the tileset i realized i don’t have much choice, and I will end up spoiling most stuff. So… Yeah :U

I don’t like spoilers, but I read them anyway. My curiosity will surely kill me one day.

And here I thought you were decent people.

Meh i try not to but it ends up killing me and i have to read em. On a side note Black Ops i sent you a msg but i don’t think it went through, Whats your MOS.

Pretty much, and not only here, I read spoilers for pretty much all games that I play since I have this idiotic perfectionism OCD, so I try to beat all the games that I play to win the most out of it, more or less like “first playthrough=100% playthrough”, I remember ruining Deus EX Hr just because I wanted to play the game with a no kill/no alert/give me deus ex run and reading up the entire game plot and bosses. The same thing happened here thanks to the usefull wiki (pls update more guys) that I love.


I hunger for knowledge and understanding, so I usually just read the wiki af any game after playing for only a while. This game was a little bit more difficult, what with the whole outdated wiki, but I still spoiled as much as it was humanly possible.

I read the spoilers before I even started playing cataclysm, and sometimes before ive reached the half-way point in most games. ._. Its easy to tell how the story will end most of the time anyway.

I guess I’m one of the few who enjoy the thrill of the hunt then?

No i am with you. I may not be able to resist unlabeled spoilers most of the time but i try as much as i can ^^

Sometimes i regret reading one cause i love exploring for myself… such is live though-

You are a terrible personYou are a super terrible personYou just can’t stop can youYou are breaking the laws of life right nowLol jk ur cool spoiler clickers 4 lyfe

I clicked through all the way ;_;
I have no self control whatsoever !

Don’t worry bro I have -10% self control



Spoiler’s make me want to see whatever it’s hiding even more

I have a brief moment of “I should probably not look at this spoiler.” Followed by “I should definitely not have done that”