How exerting is

… installing parts to a vehicle?
… removing parts from a vehicle?
… repairing a vehicle?
… using a sewing kit to repair clothing?
… using an arc welder to repair stuff?
… using a soldering iron to repair stuff?
… searching through underbrush?
… picking stuff from trees/plants?

I’ve been looking into json and code, and I can’t seem to be able to find this information anywhere. I need this so I can plan on not becoming Moderately Weary 2 hours from waking up fully rested.

If you’re on a recent version, it will show how exerting certain activities are in the sidebar. It’s not quite something it tells you in advance, unfortunately, but it does tell you.

ACT_VEHICLE is Moderate


ACT_FORAGE is Light, but because you’re walking, it will be ignored and the activity for that period will be considered Moderate.


Walking… what do you mean?

Between foraging, you are walking. Walking is Moderate exercise.
The game only cares about your highest activity level in the last 5 minutes for metabolic purposes.

A funny thing is that reading has no Weariness / Exertion levels - not even the Martial Arts books where you practice the martial art itself.

Why is walking considered moderate, though?

The books should just be reading. We need to establish practice actions for the physical part, and they can have a higher exercise level.