How does sound work?

Someone on IRC said that shooting a gun has sound 30, so it goes for 30 tiles. Why does it seem to draw zombies in from the whole map in hordes mode?

Someone else said, “It is 30 map tiles, not 30 regular tiles.”

Does that mean walking draws stuff in from 6 map tiles away!? I feel like it is somewhere inbetween, but that is all I got, a feeling.

Does anybody know?

I dont know how the hordes get pulled. Probably 2 different codes to deal with local/regional sound effects, but I know that its pretty hard to hear a sound 8 parroter from the next tile over.

As in, migo are parroters. they speak from a predefined list of text at predetermined loudness. like 50 irrc, something loud enough to hurt.

a sound 8 parrot is usually not heard. your footsteps are sound 6, I suspect only good_hearing mons can hear that.

It’s 30 regular tiles for regular zombies, 30/5 map tiles for hordes.