How do horde attraction work?

I have started playing with hordes enabled recently and I was wondering what draws hordes in. I know that sound does but how does that work. Is a single loud noise enough to draw in all hordes in a certain radius or does a single sound simply draw them into your direction for a time before they lose interest?

A single sound will briefly - like for 3-5 turns - draw hordes in your direction. It takes a horde around 30-50 turns to traverse a single overmap tile, so you need to continuously make noise to attract hordes.

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the way i’ve seen sound working is making a sound will draw attention to the specific tile the sound was generated on, and once upon reaching the origin of a sound they will stop being attracted to it and pay attention to new stimuli. the louder the sound the farther it travels and the more priority the mob will give to seeking it out.
So if you fire a gun it will likely attract any hordes in the area, but they’ll probably lose interest in the area if you stay away from it for a while, however if you generate a consistent noise like a generator or fire they’ll pay attention to it as long as it keeps making noise.
I tested it out with a couple of mosquitoes since their eyesight was pretty poor but they had surprisingly good hearing, although i’m coder so I can’t say for certain if this is how it works outside of paper.