Can zombies spawn with wander spawns on if there's not a horde marker on the map?

living in a rural house a decent distance away from the nearest city, made a lot of noise smashing furniture for materials. was greeted by a pack of 20ish zombie dogs down the street from my house the next morning. didn’t see a horde marker on my map beforehand, so my question is: does dynamic spawns spawn new zombies even outside of hordes, and if so, what influences it? was it the noise i made the previous day?

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About the marker thing i dont know, since any marker on the overmap get overridden with the player one if on the same tile map, so if the zombie horde was in the same overmap tile, i think it got hidden by the player “@”.

Second, iirc there is a fixed timer for the spawn, and any sound you make help to down the timer for the next spawn, and from what i recall from the forums, the wander spawn are still kind of broken as in OP broken

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I thought hordes are an abstraction which is replaced with actual zeds as soon as they collide with RB, so there can never be a horde sign in about ~3 overmap tiles radius around the player.

I can definitely say that with wander spawns on, loud sounds regularly spawn single zombies from “nowhere” - i.e. you were in a city with couple blocks fully cleared in all directions, then you move further, start shooting, and suddenly zeds are coming from behind you.

You’ve got it right, though they don’t spawn from nowhere exactly, they spawn from the city’s spawn pool, which gives a city x number of points based on its size and features, and zombies that spawn cost y points apiece based on how dangerous they are.

If you go through and clear a city, all the zombies you encounter came out of that pool, but that first pass will not necessarily empty the pool, so on subsequent passes you’ll encounter smaller groups which is meant to represent zombies that were hiding or had passed you by while you were fighting or whatever, but they too drain the spawn pool towards zero.
Hordes that move across the overmap can drop into a city and refill the spawn pool, but generally once you get the spawn pool down low enough you’ll see little or no zombies.