How do mobs behave until I see them?

I went to another city and discovered many of these damned mushrooms. I killed many, but I’m sure there is still a lot of this infection. The question is - do they continue to move, multiply, etc., out of my sight for many tiles from me? I drove to the base, but the game started very slowly save. (Another question is - If you kill a mushroom inflorescence, will the mushrooms cease to spread?) I will be glad to any answers!

I also wanted to know how mobs appear in the world? Do they appear when a character approaches a certain distance? Thus, the more I investigate the map, the more will the game lag? Or do they pause when I retreat to a certain distance?
P.S. Sorry for my bad english

The game has a “reality bubble” based around the player(if i recall correctly its about 21 overmap tiles) , that means that an area is only active if it enters the player reality bubble, and everything else is stopped in time, that is until it gets again in the reality bubble, the lag comes because (someone correct me if im wrong) the game is calculating everything that enters the bubble to update it at the current ingame time, tha includes but not limited to, food countdwn until it spoils, propagation of the mycus floor, ants, mob evolution (i guess), action of entities (like battery recharging, fires, or item charges, or NPC action) etc.

The spawing i belive it starts at a fixed rate according to the area i guess, unles you have the dyinamic spawing on.

And secondly and more important, have you deactivated z-levels in the game options?, it come on by default and it causes a lot of lag even if there arent that many entities.


Thank you so much!

At the expense of z-levels.
If they are turned on, does everything around them live their lives below and above the current z-level?

if they are turned on, yes they do, and they are able to locate you by sound even if you arent on the same z-level, sometimes they even fall down from windows if they detected you from a z-level above of you

When they are outside the reality bubble, they sit around a table together drinking green tea and discussing postmodernism.

Then when the player arrives, they throw down their pine nut and humous flatbreads and stash their french existentialist novels in their manbags, and start moaning and shuffling towards the player trying to kill them.


I -knew- they did some odd stuff when the player wasn’t around. This just reinforces my theory, especially after killing one who had a vibrator & a bottle of soy sauce. :flushed:


I imagine they just T-pose all day, while you not around.

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