How does armor actually work in experimental?

Hi there :slight_smile:
I ask because i find so much info in the net… but its from 2020 and around…
I do play experimental and i am wondering if multiple items on the same layer stack ?
i have for example on the “normal” layer a activity suit, a kevlar gambeson and a steel plated kevlar jumpsuite. Is that in anyway usefull ? my encumbrance is just fine 26+11 on torso for example with maxed meele and cutting skill. i do not wear anything else on my torso exept the hiking backpack, that i drop before a big fight.
I hope, that the activity suit will protect me from enviroment stuff and the other two armors agains attacks. In game it feels like it is stacking, cause i rarely take any damage.

another question^^ i know its spoiling but this is my first toon that went so well… i dont want to risk it.
Is it save to explore a rat cave with the activity suite and a turned on heavy survivor mask ? I guess it should be…

thanx in advance and peace out :slight_smile:

Yes, layers add protection.

I don’t know if there’s anything that protects you against a rat cave. However, you can stock up on purification to get rid of the results, spending a fair while in misery doing so. I’ve avoided rat caves since I did one a fair while ago, so things may have changed since.