(How) does Apex Predator work?

I have been running around as an apex predator recently. However, it is not working as noted in the wiki.

-3 to intelligence, BUT learn combat skills faster and at no Focus cost. Tends to negate guilt penalties as well.
Specifically I am still losing focus.

The actual description in game is vague as to the quantitative effect of the ability.

Your mind and brain have adapted to your new place in the world: as one on top the food chain. You can effortlessly master and maintain combat skills, but your critical thinking has atrophied further.
Notably, the description is very different to the one on the wiki. I know the wiki is notoriously outdated.

Browsing the source, I have been unable to locate what effect, if any, apex predator has on focus drain to upgrade combat skills.

It’s all in player::practice

Looks like they do lose focus, but only until it drops below 100. Then they should stabilize.

You may also be losing focus to dodge, which isn’t a combat skill.

That could explain it. I’ll test it a little bit more.

It seems you are correct, when my dodge skill is too high to easily train, the focus drain stops almost completely. I am not sure I particularly appreciate dodge not counting as a combat skill.