Focus from 100 to 1

steps to reproduce:

  1. wake up with 0 weariness and 100+ focus
  2. go straight build a window
  3. focus drop to 1 after completion, with weariness still at fresh level.
    running 0.F stable. Arch linux.

Focus drops when doing things that train skills. I think building a window takes a fair bit of time, and thus trains a skill (probably fabrication) a fair bit. If the skill is high enough that you don’t get any training from it it won’t drain your focus either. Thus, at some skill level window construction will no longer drain your focus.

I believe the new system in experimental that splits theoretical knowledge from practical only drops the focus when gaining practical knowledge.

I see. Actually I have find weariness system quite confusing also. AFAIK there’s no wiki page or any official description about the mechanism of it (?). For my feeling it’s just plain confusing to add something that dramatically change gameplay without informative text :frowning:

Focus is sort of mental freshness, depleted on performing tasks requiring mental concentration, plus various negative factors such as being tired, in pain, etc. ‘v’ shows you what your target focus is, i.e. what the focus will move towards unless you do something that drains it.
Getting someone to train you in a skill drains your focus right down to 1, but the amount you learned depends on your starting focus. That’s a thing to keep in mind when getting training as rewards for quests, as well as getting training from companions. You may not want to cash in all quests in one go because of this, and you may not want your companion to train you in the morning if you want to save your focus for later. Note that training in proficiencies does not drain focus.

Fatigue (Weary) is physical freshness, depleted by performing work and regained by doing things that don’t demand any physical exertion. It takes about 15 minutes to recover from fully drained up to full freshness. Being fatigued will make you slower, among other things, so zombies you could outpace may now catch up with you. Running runs up fatigue really quickly, as does melee combat.

Rest is how much you are in need of sleep. Lying on the floor breathing heavily because you’ve exerted yourself totally does not make you tired in the sense of being sleepy. It’s mainly controlled by being awake, so it builds up over time. Having a cold hits you hard in that department, causing you to need to sleep several times a day, while stimulants, such as coffee, can keep you going (and make you unable to sleep when you want to).
At least earlier it was possible to use stimulants to such an extent that you thirsted to death when you finally did get to sleep. Also note that the healing rate is higher while sleeping than while awake, although some mutations mess with that, I think.

Just for anyone that doesn’t know, you can toggle specific skills off in the stats menu, and they won’t train anymore, which saves your focus and allows you to only train the skills you’re interested in.