How do you remove the HUD of the moon?

Is there any way to hide the moon from the HUD? Its not really all that useful unless you’re playing as a werewolf and I’d like a cleaner HUD. In fact it would be nice to only just have health stats

Yea, make sure “Sidebar Options” has a binding in the controls, then its under “Weather” in that menu. Since both weather and moon influence visibility at different times, they’re bundled together.

You can wipe out just about anything off the sidebar you want, set it up how you like.

that seems to get rid of the time though for when you have a watch

I think the related options may vary by the ‘type’ of sidebar you use. I use classic, where its just tied to weather, I suppose its different in the other kinds. Might be worth playing around with those as well to find out what works for you. Its the right-hand element in the sidebar options pane.

how do you set it to classic then? And which options is it in? Is in the interface options?
Can you provide a picture of the window?