How do you 'reach' attack?

I have a steel spear, which says it has a reach attack, yet I don’t know how to actually use it!

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You press “f” as if you were firing a gun. Another thing you can do, and it works with normal attacks as well, is to press Tab. It will automatically attack anything hostile within range, or wait a turn if nothing hostile is within range.

If something is 3 squares away and you press Tab it will wait until it is two squares away then press it again and it will execute the reach attack, and you can hold Tab to keep attacking until it is dead. Only do that if you are confident you can kill it with minimal injury though, since things can happen fast.

Edit: It most likely won’t work with bows and guns, as it will assume you are trying to bludgeon something with the bow or gun and decide to wait since nothing will be within range.

Also, some weapons have “long reach attacks” that can hit from three squares away (that is two squares between player and target), rather than the two squares of normal reach attacks. I believe halberds can do it, among other things.

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I don’t think halberds have long reach. Just awl pikes and the bullwhip.

Sorry, I got halberds and awl pikes confused.

Cataclysm Quick Tip #5 : Reach Attacks


That’s fair. They’re both pretty much the best in their class.

That’s a pretty useful video, thanks for that! Although I forgot what the key for running was. I did know it, I just forgot.