Reach Attack Angle Change?

I’ve noticed for a while now that reach attacks can not be made on an angle anymore from more then 1 tile away (normal melee distance) in experimental. This to me seems odd since it now feels kind of awkward to line up reach attacks since enemies need to be directly in front of you 2 tiles, beside you two tiles, or in an awkward L shape (one tile in front, one tile over). If an enemy is two tiles directly on an angle from you, it will result in you not being able to reach them.

Long reach attacks have the same effect +1, you can attack an enemy from 2 tiles away on an angle, but from 3 tiles away horizontal or vertical (and the L shape again).

What was the reason for this change, and is the solution just having to re-position enemies to be directly in front or beside you now when fighting?

This is a consequence of the ‘Circular Distances’ option. In the past the default for this was ‘false’ and reach attack weapons hit 2 spaces away on the direct diagonal, but about 6 months ago the default was set to ‘True’. distance calculations using the circular distance method means that diagonals are considered longer, take more points to move into, and have a secondary effect of making reach attacks on the direct diagonal too far for reach attack weapons to hit.

I don’t remember if there was ever ‘official’ acknowledgement that this was an intended consequence or just a side effect no one cared enough to fix.

I never noticed this. Maybe I should stop copying over my defaults from previous versions so I actually notice when they get changed.

Another reason to not play with circular option… but, why not throwing things just in diagonal, and when your each a straight line, switch to reach attack?