How do you climb by bracing on furniture or walls?

I ran across a lab that has the entrance stair directly leading to the finale at -1 with a sheer drop. I saved and decided to just savescum to see what happens. After wiping out the room, I tried getting back up from the hole in the ceiling and saw the message that you can climb by bracing on walls or furniture. So I pulled chairs and counters and dressers from elsewhere the lab, and also constructed a wooden wall next to the drop. But the game only ever gave me the “you can climb on furniture etc” message, despite surrounding the hole with 2 dressers, 1 chair, 1 wall and having a counter directly below. What exactly do I need to do in order to climb? I’ve searched a bit around the forum and the only instruction I got was to have experimental z-levels on, which I did.

You need more. You get bonuses for all adjacent unpassable terrain and furniture tiles and need 5 of them in total.

That “furniture” may be misleading - it needs to be unpassable to count.

It worked. Thank you very much!

What about saying “tall furniture” instead of just “furniture”? Do you think that would solve the problem?

I wouldn’t necessarily call all the impassable furniture to be ‘tall’ though. Tall is, for me, shelves, wardrobes and therelike. Stuff like Crates are impassable too though, and they aren’t taller than a table for example. Also, I can’t see why you couldn’t use a table, a chair and a few crates for example in order to get a few meters of height. We’re talking about a bit more than 2 meters here, that isn’t much. Stand on a table and you should be able to touch the ceiling, put a stair on the table and by all means, you should be able to get up if you’re somewhat trained.

From my own experience I would prefer at least a “you need more” message, instead of having the same message whether you have 2, 3 or 4 adjacent furniture tiles.