Can i climb to roof?

just want to climb up and stab those zeds with the spear or hellberd
or shot them rifle.

…dose any plan the developer add some power resource?
i know the power-station not able to supply,
but maybe i can fix it and just use it for the oven?

You can find the Experimental Z level setting in the world options, which would allow you to go up and down levels and attack from above, but you need a staircase and a multi-level building, which is pretty rare seeing as the Z levels option isn’t anywhere near complete yet.

Mains power isn’t a thing, and it would realistically take a lot more than one person to fix it and keep it running, but you can use the vehicle construction system to achieve most of the same things. You can’t power the existing ovens, but you can find or make an RV Kitchen Unit, find a minifridge, hook up a few solar panels and have a fully functioning kitchen setup. Take a look at this to see a good example of the vehicle system being used to give power to a home. :slight_smile:

actualy with experimental z-levels you can climb on roof by having furniture near wall to climb on it but doing it is not good idea because you cant get down without taking some damage and pain (nothing lethal but pain can get you killed quickly)

finally making wings usefull?

right i forgot that one type of wings alslo helps negate fall damage but i only got insect wings what are supposed to make me faster when turned on but i see no difference except buzzing noise (maybe because i wear backpack?)

Sure you can get down without hurting yourself. Examine ledges if you wanna get down.

Why it asks if you are really really sure you want to disassemble string but falling two stories to your death is okay, is beyond me, but there you have it.