Can zombies still phase into a vehicle?

I am building a vehicle with heavy duty frame and armor at the edges, and extra light frames in the interior.

Example (H for heavy duty, and E for extra light):

When I crash the car into zombies, can the heavy duty frame always help to reduce the damage to the extra-light frame?

According to this post at reddit (1 year ago), sometimes the collision detection can go wrong.
If the car is too fast, the zombie can phase into the interior of the car and directly damage the interior.

Can zombie phase into the interior of a car now?

I don’t think the collision code has changed in the last year, so probably yes.

Which file in the source code describes collision between mobs and car?
Found it.

The zombies can still phase into vehicles.

Probably I have to scrape the design for the vehicle …

And make a stationary base with a recharge station powered by solar panels.

Or make two cars. A mobile base with solar panel and low defense, and a small car that has armor on every tile and can ram into things.

And don’t forget to always park horizontally or vertically. Mobs always love exploiting those diagonal gaps.

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It is easier to know when a part has taken damage with the ‘most damaged part’ info thats in the vehichle menu. So occasional maintanace should keep anything from being destroyed. Keeping important bits away from edges, especially the front should help minimize this further, especially in the case of askewed vehichle shenanigans. All together you SHOULD be fine. Just keep one eye out for diagonal gap trouble and what parts are taking damage.

There is also a thing you can do where you sort of build an air-gapped bumper that can take all the damage, and not fall apart, that should also help minimize zombie phase shenanigans

By air-gap, you mean something like this?


H = heavy-duty frame
[ ] = nothing
E = extra-light frame

Currently, vehicle parts can’t fall off the vehicle. So if you have a bunch of frames connected to your vehicle by a single frame, they can’t be destroyed
So more like

E      K E

As long as frame K holds, all of the L frames can take infinite damage without falling.

This cheat will get fixed sooner or later.

wouldn’t that be the E frames can take infinate damage except for the back corner? The L’s should be able to come apart from the corners that arn’t holding anything. Havn’t built something like it yet but I was thinking more like

E _ _ _ K _ _ _ E
E E _ _ K _ _ E E
_ _ _ _ K _ _ _ _
_ L L L L L L L _
_ L L L L L L L _
_ L L L L L L L _

in a Doser like build. Surrounding it with suspended frame probably the most advantageous way to hack it, but if the sides/back are taking enough damage to destroy stuff, I’m probably being too negligent anyways. And I think i saw something about air gaps reducing impact damage to the tiles behind them, which is nice for things like, blazing a new trail through the forest in the way of the next road.

@Duhuh123, the reason fro these wonky builds is that the game is not aloud to break off pieces that are still supporting other frames, so if said supporting frames are the only ones taking damage, then they can be at 0 and continue to take damage but nothing will fall off until the corners that arn’t keeping things supported do.

I saw that one in github issues. But I don’t want to use that one because it makes things too easy.

Fair enough. I will probably only use it for a forest clearing doser myself.