How do I wash filithly items?

I am in a barn with lots of water, detergent and firewood and other materials.
How do I wash some filthy rags I have?

Make a washboard and activate it. You’ll need soap or some other detergent with water nearby. Sponge is for harder materials like metal.

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If you are feeling lazy and extravagent, you can find a luxury RV with a washing machine. Or deconstruct a washing machine from a laundry and make one yourself. Put it in a vehicle. Although ‘vehicle’ could just be one frame, one washing machine, one water tank and one medium storage battery for power.

A washing board would be much more sensible, really. But every time I set the washing machine going in my bus I think “Oh yes, this is the life. Those other suckers scavenging the wasteland don’t get to live like this.”