How do I wash filthy clothes? Not Working

I have a Washboard
I have Soap
I have a 100L Steel Drum filled with water
I have 3 filthy clothes in my inventory (Military Russack, Pair of Boots, Tactical full helmet)

but still, the game says:

“you have nothing to clean.”

what am I doing wrong?

I also tried to do near a source of shallow water, but still: “you have nothing to clean.”

Drop everything on the ground right next to the water, then “activate” the washboard. Also make sure you have enough soap, the larger the item, the more you will need.

still the same result

I have 50 soap bars, is enough?

combine a rag with the washboard to make a washing kit and you should be able to clean everything.

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As an answer, the items count as ‘Rigid’ and need a sponge, rag or similar to clean with. the washboard is only for ‘soft’ clothing items like a T-Shirt.

Combine a rigid washer and a washboard to make a washkit and then have the ultimate washing power.
Though you will still need soap, which you thankfully have.

Best of luck!

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