Cleaning FILTHY items (not clothes)

How can you clean FILTHY items such as a pair of binoculars I found on the body of a zombie?

I’m able to clean clothes no problem using soap and a washboard but do not get an option to clean non-clothing items.

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Try washing them in a dishwasher.

You need a sponge to make the Washing set, or the dishwasher installed in a vehicle with water and power.

The Washing kit allows you to clean non-clothes items since you can’t much clean intricate equipment like CBMs with a plank of wood with notches hacked into it for clothes to be rubbed upon.

a rag can also be used in place of a sponge

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Great! Thanks for the tips everyone.

Pretty sure you can use a rag water and soap/detergent alone to wash “hard items”
Not that it’s difficult to make a washing kit lol