Deployable washbaords

I feel a great addition to improving quality of life would be the ability to simply deploy washboard and place them like braziers or tents, and then be able to wash them simply by having them nearby through the action “%” menu. It can be absolute pain to have to pick up the washboard everytime I need to use it, then drop it again after i’m finished, especially if playing with the squeamish perk.
I’ve even sometimes forget I have them on me sometimes and end up carrying them all the way back to camp, or worse find out that I have one taking up space in my inventory when i’m out looting, since the thing takes up 0.25 volume. I know could just drop it and craft another one later but that’s not time/resource efficient.


You can allow remote use of items by adding ALLOW_REMOTE_USE flag. See for example.

You could also put a washing machine in a vehicle, uses the vehicle water, you just add soap.

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