How do I turn on engine/generator as a Wayfarer?

Could use some help, cause I’m trying to power up my LMAO shelter
I tried several alternative like telling npc to drive for me and using remote control (which turn out I can’t even use cause related trait).

Honestly sounds like a bug to me.

From my own analysis, I think they are doing everything they can to prevent exploit with the big bonus the trait already gives, so it felt a bit more intentional.
I think wayfarer should be allowed to control any vehicles as long as they’re not on it.

True, but the wayfarer trait should not prevent you from operating generators. Generators may be a vehicle internally, which is why you can not operate it currently.
I do think this is unintended and should be fixed.

Install an Electronics Control Unit, along with the dashboard and instead of using the “^” to control, [e]xaming the tile where the ECU is. It should give you the option to play around with everything that the vehicle currently has (Recharging Stations, Turrets, Select which Engine to turn on/off, turn freezers/fridges on/off, turn lights on/off, etc).
This works with every vehicle, regardless of it’s size and shape.

I did try that after reading. It seems that engine will run but you still need to “drive” it in order to up the power. Still, thanks for the ideas

You shouldn’t require to up the mph/kmph if you have a 7.5kw generator. If you manage to get a better engine into your setup (instead of a 1.0L, say a 7L engine of the same fuel type), just running the generator as it is (even with a Truck, Car and Motorcycle Alternator trifecta installed) should be more than enough to generate power passively at a much reduced fuel cost.

I know, again… thanks it did helped me. Still my looming issue was how the current implementation could do better