Dog Taming no longer works?

So I have been trying to tame a dog. The information online says that all you need to do is have a can of dog food then hit (a) to activate it when standing next to a dog.

I have two cans of dog food, both are fresh.

I hit (a) to activate an item, dog food does not appear in the list. I hit (/) to filter and searched “dog” in the same menu yet still no items to activate.

I tried hitting (e) when next to the dog but the game says “That is grass” as if there was nothing there.

Did the taming method change? If so I cannot find any documentation of the new method via google, so I decided to make an account here and ask.

Might be a bug with the recent inventory changes, lots of little things have broken due to the depth of the changes. This might be one of them. Recommend you open an issue on github, best place for the devs to see and fix an issue.

I would guess that if you were able to unload the food into your inventory it would work. I don’t know if you can safely unload dog food to the ground or whatever without it becoming dirty. But yeah, likely an issue where because it’s in a container it can’t be activated.

I should also mention (didn’t think of this yesterday) that I am running the latest stable build, NOT he latest experimental build. I will do a test world on the latest version and see if this is still broken. If so, I will make a github report about it.

EDIT: Working as intended on latest experimental. Thanks for the help and suggestions guys.