How do I salvage this situation?

Had a poor roll with the RNG dice and the Tacoma Ranch, which was spawned by me accepting the mission, spawned between two medium sized cities and a fungal bloom. Right now the most plausible way to save it is to back off and do a sort of upgrade montage.

So, any weapons you would recommend? I have the Xedra evolved so perhaps there are some stuff there usefull against a fungal bloom. Would flamethrowers be viable? Perhaps molotovs are enough?

depends on the context, if you need to get out you can always walk through the forest

Its the Tacoma Ranch, and the NPCs spawned there. Though I might’ve just overreacted. I’m just worried that they might get killed off by the zombies or turned into fungals. The overmap just so happened to blink when I screenshotted it so they’re not displayed there.

It certainly helps that you try to explain what your problem is, rather than let the reader guess what it might be based on a screenshot alone.

Any NPCs in a location overrun by the mycus are probably screwed. The Tacoma farm could possibly have been rescued by eliminating both the mycus and the zombies from the vicinity before activating the quest to set up the farm, killing the game and save scumming to not activating it if the location is sufficiently revealed to indicate the problems immediately after taking the quest. However, the mycus tends to destroy terrain irrepairably, so you may well be screwed (this is an example of why it’s premature to make this kind of locations truly unique). It might be possible to find another refugee center that might allow you to restart the quest lines from scratch.

That’s unfortunate. It was the mission itself that spawned that there and it just happened to generate everything else that way. I’m currently trying to prevent total fungal infection but zombies too are joining the mix. Krecks, of all things, brought soldiers and even a black ops zombie, and then there’s the migos accompanying them.

Guess I may have to either accept this development or start a new game. Finding a new Refugee Center within the current save would feel bitter after developing my base for so long near them.

It is bitter. Something you might be able to do is to stay well away from the area until you’re ready to eradicate all trouble (having fungicide in particular, but also good gear and ammo). Zombies and kreck are things you tend to be capable of dealing with by the time you can take down a fungal tower, while mi-go risks evolving further.

That might work, the Ranch’s 200 something away from my base, I hope I could get far away enough with my reality bubble before they take up too much of the Ranch. Time to raid some labs and military places I guess.

If you haven’t visited the area and are okay with cheating you could could use the map editor to delete the fungal bloom from the overmap. That way when you arrive it’s an empty field of whatever.

That’s the sad part, I’m willing but didn’t notice it until I was three tiles away from it, my tunnel vision got the better of me in this one.

Well you can still cheat it away, but it’s a lot more effort. You can use the terrain editor to lay down huge rectangular fields of thick antifungicide clouds over anything that needs to be removed. Doing this, you can kill it almost immediately after it’s loaded into the reality bubble

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