How do i pick up items out of cases?

Okay, So i am very new to this game and have never played a game like this before. So I’ve been watching videos and the person playing said you always need a backpack or a trench coat. But my problem is when i get to the Clotheing Store place I cant access the shelves to pick up the items. I was wondering what button it is? I’ve tried every button on my keyboard so i’m thinking maybe I’m not doing it right. So what button do i press?

If you want to check out a shelf/locker, stand besides it, press 'e’xamine, and then press the directional key towards the locker.

I.e if you’re standing “above” a locker/shelf/fridge, press 'e’xamine then down arrow.

You can also get a list of all the items in your field of view by pressing ‘V’, it will not show items inside containers (like fridges) but it will show items on shelves (what you usually find in stores)

It took me a while to figure this out, too. In my first game, I ended up (s)mashing the displays to get at the contents (and getting myself cut up pretty badly trying to pick up my loot.)

'l’ooking at the shelves can often show you which shelves you need to go to to save time, as anything on a shelf by itself will be clear, and often not what you’re looking for :stuck_out_tongue: (And sometimes, the item you are looking for will be in the front of the stack, or by itself as well.)

Ok thank you guys!