Noob inside : how to grab an item on a furniture?


I’ve tried to search first, but i’m not sure what key word would do, and i’ve found nothing.

Simple enough : i can use “g” to grab an item where i stand, but i can’t find how to grab an item on the tile next to me, or on a furniture i can’t walk on… The “G” grabs the furniture, but not the items on it…

Help please ?

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To grab it as in to pick it up and put it in inventory? You use "e"xamine on the tile it’s sitting on for that.

Well… i knew it was supposed to be simple…

Thanks, i don’t know how i missed that.

Glad to have been of assistance, and welcome to the Cataclysm.

Everyone needs time to learn something they’re new to. There is a tutorial under the “Special” category at the main menu to help people figure out the basic actions, but I understand it’s not very exciting.

Go through the Options and look through Key Bindings. This will clue you into what is what and should be reasonably self explanatory. Instead of the “?” which gets…confusing to me even as a veteran to the game.

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