How do I mod the game?

–I err, don’t know how to do any of that… Other than pm(ing?) you. I can do that, but I’m not very familiar with discourse and pastebin. I recently did a couple things in discourse, but I still know little about it. Although I can definitely see how that would be useful.
–Now that I think about it, I might have changed something else in the json with the Stick of Heroism that might have messed it up, but I, don’t really remember what it, well, was…
–Why would I call it the ‘noober’ zombie? Annoying seems more logically to me, personally.

Pastebin is basically a site where you paste your text and share without having to upload or download anything and has line numbers and formatting. If you google json checker you will get a bunch of sites that can point out any syntax errors you might find. ( These types of things “[ ] , {}” )

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narc0tiq json formatter:


–I’ll try looking into pastbin and all that as soon as I can.
–Is there an actual ‘log’ in the files somewhere? The only thing I’ve ever seen was inside the game itself, like when you enter a world and a DEBUG thing comes up.
EDIT: Nvm, I found the DEBUG log.

I believe this is the correct DEBUG log:

Is the mods folder still in the default location? It looks like its having trouble finding the location but i could be wrong.

–Default location? You mean Directory Area - My Mod I (Directory name for CDDA) > data > mods > Red’s_Odd_Additions (My mod’s name). Inside the mod folder is modinfo.json (Which I only changed the labels and such in), armor.json, books.json, melee.json, and recipe_melee.json
–Is it bad that recipe_melee.json only has [ { } ] in it (as a placeholder for later)? I didn’t think about that until just now.

You could try removing it and testing. The debug log is pointing it out.

–If only I had realised that earlier! Man, I can be so dumb sometimes! Now I just need to try and actually set up recipe stuff. Which I’m still trying to figure out, but I’ll experiment a bit more before I ask for help.
EDIT: Hmm, apparently third time’s a charm, since I retried doing the recipe thing and it worked perfectly this time. I have no clue why it didn’t earlier.

–Why is there so few monsters and monster drops that show up in the files? Are they hard coded or something?
EDIT: Nvm, I found it. It simply wasn’t where I expected it to be

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–Can someone explain how ‘material thickness’ works? I specifically want 50 bashing resistance on the Afro of Encumbrance, but material thickness also adds 50 cut, which I want none.
–Similar case with environmental protection: I want to specify fire protection, rather than acid or generic protection. Is it possible to do something like that? I can’t see that anywhere in the json for both cases.

Basically, all armor is based around the material it’s made of. Every available material has a set of protection stats in the materials.json file. A stat for bash, cut, acid, fire, etc.
Material thickness is the thickness of the materials used in that piece of armor, so if your armor is made of leather with a material thickness of three, then the actual protection value of that armor is the stats for leather multiplied by three. Or something along those lines, it might use a slightly more complicated formula. Dunno how multiple materials works either.
Environmental protection is basically just the armor’s ability to protect you against gas. I’m not aware of anything else it affects.

It’s a really neat way of doing things really. It keeps things semi-realistic, makes it easier to add new items, and makes balancing and rebalancing a breeze. Unfortunately, it makes what you’re trying to do impossible, unless you can find a material with bash resistance and no cut resistance. Unless there’s a way to override it that I’m unaware of.


–That’s both cool and terrible at the same time. In that case, how can I add bashing essence and bacon as materials? If I can’t add my own materials to make this work then that messes up a lot of my plans!
–Also, how do you get items to fit? I’ve looked at gear in the game that fits, but in the json for the actual item I don’t see anything that would indicate that it fits. The Immortal Loincloth fits very well, due to it being so small as to only cover your groin.
–What the heck does the flag ‘VARSIZE’ do?

You’ll have to add a new material like you do items. Look at materials.json for an example.

VARSIZE = Variable Size. As in, it can be multiple sizes, to fit different people…


–Ah, of course. Duh. I’ll go do that!
–I can’t figure out how to do weight proportions to my liking (I’m using lbs). “weight”: 1000 ingame is 2.20 lbs. Which doesn’t make much sense to me. Can you (or someone else) help with proportioning this? I sometimes have trouble math. And grammering. That too.

It’s done in grams. 1 kilogram is 1000 grams and roughly 2.2 pounds.

Simple division says that means 1 pound is 454 grams. So use that as your number.

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–Ah, yes, thanks for that!
–Also, the DEBUG stuff is super useful! I missed a bunch of stuff (which was painfully obvious in retrospect), and DEBUG helped me fix that with ease!
–I’m thinking what I’ll do (due to how materials work) is that any items you craft will be made of (at least) 1 essence. For example, the Afro of Encumbrance only has bash protection, thus the material it uses will be Essence of Bashing and will use the item (in crafting) Essence of Bashing. And why is it that you can make Essence of Bashing out of a rag? BECAUSE REASONS! If gear uses two different types of resistances (for example cutting and bashing) then in crafting you will use both Essence of Bashing and Cutting. The material for the item will also be made of both of those.
–I have also decided that when I go into making creatures, I will instead name the annoying zombie the Tickle Monster! All it wants to do is tickle everything! Which, while painless, can start to annoy you really quickly. It is also eternally fueled on caffeine, and thus runs around at the speed of a small child in a cartoon show.
–There will also be Billy, Bob, and Joe that you can run into. All of them have their own dangers, and they each have a 100% chance to drop certain items. Billy gives an Aglet, Bob gives some shoelaces, and Joe gives you a laceless shoe. If you combine all three items, you can get some super awesome footwear! Although you should beware the Level 20 Plutonium Dragon while you explore!

You realise that you can set the material of an item independently of the materials it’s crafted from?

–Well, yes, but I want it to work like this! Because reasons! (Most of my mod is focused around because reasons) Later on I’ll make the different essences cost more than simply a rag. Not sure what it will be tho.
–Hmm, for materials, what does ‘density’ do? I think I understand the other stuff. Well, other than chip resist. What’s that?

Same, thanks Kev master of communication, code and… error list_too_long.

back on subject> how do I mod
Wow, this is making me really want to start digging. SOOOOOON Definately.

Some of the json is blatantly obvious, some of it, not so much. I’ve peeked around more and still can’t find how to make items ‘fit’ on your character.

“FLAGS”: “VARSIZE” declares than item can be resized.

I don’t think items can be spawned through the debug menu as fitted.