This guy won't fire his laser

Okay, this looks to be the correct forum. Anyway, I tried my hand at adding a new creature into the game. It works, spawns as expected and seems to be all around functional but will not fire the laser. I just get the message that the barrel spins but nothing happens. Any ideas and/or did I forget to add something? Thanks in advance

The Raws:
“type” : “MONSTER”,
“id” : “mod_umbra_trooper”,
“name”: “Umbra Trooper”,
“death_function”:[“NORMAL”, “ZOMBIE”],
“description”:“A trooper working for the umbra corporation, tasked with sterilizing the area. He thinks you’re infected.”,
“flags”:[“SEES”, “HEARS”, “WARM”, “BLEED”, “VIS40”],

First issue is whether the trooper’s out in the sunlight: that’s the call to the solar-powered laser turret.

After that, we’d have to check monattack.cpp and see if there’s some other problem.

Yep, debugged some sunny weather and it worked. Didn’t realize it was solar powered. Thanks a bunch, I feel so smurt lol