How do I know when antibiotic treatment succeeds?

I have taken 7 regular doses now, at times I get a green message about feeling a bit better after taking it, but my status effect doesnt change. Am I doing something wrong? Should I up the dosage or something?

Have you given it time to take effect or are you just standing in place shooting up a whole bottle?

The infection has been going for around 3 game days now, got lucky to find 2 bottles of antibiotics before the limb turned green and instantly took a dose, then took additional doses roughly every 12 hours, the infection has progressed to “badly infected” now. Been camping in a safe spot eating scrambled eggs and pine nuts, since I dont know if wounding the limb again would reset the process.

Just hope for the best. It’s not guaranteed you’ll survive so just keep taking em regularly and hope it will eventually go away. Preferably before you die. Been a long time since I had a character actually get infected and that cleared in the first dose and many many versions ago. Wiki is a good place to check for stuff like that though.

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Yikes, looks like I’m just getting the short end of the RNG stick. I checked the wiki before posting here, but thought I’d ask here in case something had changed and I was doing it wrong. Anyways, thanks for the info!

Finally got the recovering status. Are further antibiotics required to keep recovery or is it fine to stop dosage? I’m guessing it’s latter.

Not sure but it’d be your life your risking if you stop taking it. I’d probably keep going if it were me until it’s dead all the way.

Got it, thanks again!

It’s fine to stop once you get to “recovering.” I think boosting your health helps your odds of recovery, I had a character get all the way to “pus-filled” while I frantically downed herbal tea and protein shakes and stuff, then the antibiotics finally worked. I SO wanted to lance the infection site.

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