I did everything right and got extremely lucky yet still died from infection

i started with the infection resistant trait found an ambulance with meds/antibiotics on the first day, never just took 1 antibiotic yet i still died on the 4th day, i have no clue how to survive with this new system

I think infection resistance only affects your chances of BECOMING infected, not from an infection progressing and killing you. Also, bandages aren’t enough to fix deep bites, so if you did not disinfect or cauterize the original wound that became infected I don’t believe antibiotics will do anything until you do. Also, how often are you taking the antibiotics? I believe you are supposed to take them twice a day.

It says it also effects the chances of an infection cureing itsself, i started on really bad day scenario so it was already infected, and when i try to put bandages and disinfectant on it it says it will have no effect, and i did take them twice a day

from a preliminary search, i can tell the infection resistance trait has the following effects:

  1. reducing chance of bites turning into infections and infections progressing data/json/effects.json
  2. chance of infection healing itself is equivalent to always being under effects of antibiotics - the effects stack with antibiotics. src/player_hardcoded_effects.cpp
  3. reduces chances of getting tetanus from cuts due to unstable terrain src/game.cpp, and traps src/trapfunc.cpp

As nameless_survivor points out, antibiotics alone aren’t enough to cure an infection. cauterize to attempt getting rid of infection.
which has been pretty much standard play for ‘really bad day’ for a long time now, for me atleast…

Way I understand it, RBD starts out now with an infection already set-in, not a septic wound that can turn into infection. At least, that’s the way it was working for me a few days ago. Can you still cauterize that, when the body part is labeled in green and not blue?

Oh my, I was utterly mistaken there. No you cannot cauterize That apparently.

Ya i know how infection works, I’ve been playing for a long time, thats the only reason i complained about it, because when you do everything right you shouldn’t die even in cataclysm

My advice? Find Atreyupan, pronto priority numero uno mos ricky-damn tick. And remember, sometimes, even when you do everything right, you still die.

He said he got antibiotics on the first day, which is stronger than atreyupan.

Is it? Huh. Thought it was the other way around. In that case, I guess just chalk it up to a REALLY bad day.

Atreyupan is the weak antibiotic, you get access to strong antibiotics in BrightNights mod ( By Coolthulhu )
Altho, I’m not sure if the effects of both antibiotics conflict with eachother, so you might get up to 200+100+200 if using infection resistant, atryupan & regular antibiotics ( strong antibiotics are 400 )

Next time i’m going for Really Bad Day, I’ll be rushing labs for some pancea… suicide mission.

I saw a thread about this a couple weeks ago or so on Reddit about this topic, not sure if it helps or not, but I found and linked it.