How do I fix the in game text?

Hi, I just found this game and i’m interested in getting into it but the text in my game is basically unreadable. The words are there the letters are just strangely cropped and missing pieces. I’ve tried playing the font size and type but nothing seems to help. I’m running the game on Windows 10. How do I fix this?

Screenshot of the broken text:

Under the Graphics try to set the Scaling mode to none, i have minor graphic problem when it is set to anything else, maybe it will help.

If not then try to set the Software rendering to True and restart the game. If it is a graphics card acceleration related problem that will fix it, until someone figures out what is the exact problem.

This occurs for me when I play with a small window or on a small monitor. Try changing the size of the game window (Settings - Graphics - Terminal Width/Terminal Height) I am uncertain if that will fix it for you but it helped me when I was using my small monitor. Not sure why this happens.

Alternatively, you could hook your computer up to a big-screen TV. I can pretty much guarantee it will all be readable then.

Cataclysm University - Course 2 - Main Menu Intro

At about the 4 minute mark i explain how to setup the screen size properly for the monitor resolution you are using (terminal width/height). It is also important to use ‘Borderless Window’ mode for the FullScreen setting. If you would like to use a different font for readability check out this other episode:

Cataclysm University - Course 27 - How to change Fonts

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