Crops Growing Weird

New here, sorry if I post this wrong. I saw a thread covering season restraints for farming. I planted oats, veggies, and stuff like that on the 4th or 5th day of Summer. Day 18, I have had zero plants even reach the second stage of maturity. They still look the same as when I planted them. Except for one which I gave fertilizer, it jumped up two stages I think, because it grew once and then again, but I am unable to harvest it at all. It just says I have no fertilizer for my oats. I know I am doing something wrong here. Can I get some help? I saw the growing times on the wiki, are they outdated?
Also playing on 0.Danny build.

Yeah, the wiki needs a lot of work, most of that is 0.C information from a couple of years ago.
Crops will take a lot longer to mature. They go from dirt->seedling->mature plant->harvestable. Fertilizer will shorten the time needed to grow, but will reduce yields too. Which may be what you want sometimes, especially if you’re short on seeds for some crop that you consider vital, you may be able to get one fast harvest and then use the seeds to plant a big crop and get it in before winter.

Sugar beets and zucchini are the fastest growers, at 40 and 47 days, while cotton and celery take a whopping 130 days. Most stuff is done in about 91 days.
Still, if you get a decent sized farm up, your food situation is solved.

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Thanks man. I thought I was going crazy or something. That clears things up greatly.

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