How do i craft wooden arrows?

My fabrication skill is 5 and my archery is 3 but i don’t see any option to craft wooden arrows in the crafting menu help please

KA101 drops off a copy of The Fletcher’s Friend It’s dangerous to go alone! Read this.

More generally, most crafting recipes are locked up in books, as one way to ensure that doing the same task over and over doesn’t suddenly make you omniscient in that field. Wooden arrows should be in survival and outdoorsy books as well as the one I offered, which has just about every arrow-related recipe you could want.

Also, the wiki is rather out of date in this regard, check the .jsons if you want to double check whether or not the requirements have changed for a recipe you think you should have.

BTW, people tend to get mad about starting new posts that could be put in old posts.
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