How do I add more than items to professions?

I’m looking at the professions json, and I see that the chain smoker job starts with dress shirt, pants, and dress shoes, plus 1 pack of cigarettes. I know for a fact that the stated cigarette addiction takes effect ingame, as I’ve played chain smoker profession before, but how do I add something like that?

For reference, the entry to chain smoker looks like this. I don’t see any reference to anything that should be giving you an addiction to start off with.

“ident”: “smoker”,
“name”: “Chain Smoker”,
“Everyone at work knew you as the person who always had a cigarette or two\nin hand. Now, you’re down to a single pack, and you hope you find more soon.\nYou start out with a strong nicotine addiction, and 10 cigarettes.”,
“points”: -1,
“items”: [“pants”, “dress_shirt”, “dress_shoes”, “cig”]

In 0.4, the addictions are automagically taken from the list of drugs that you start with.

Someone has been nice enough to add explicit addiction support to the git version, though. If you’re playing on Linux, it’s probably worth trying that, because it’s really easy to compile. On Windows, it depends on your level of comfort with computer stuff (I’m told it’s not too hard, but it’s also different than you’re accustomed to), and your level of interest in having the newest features.

Windows user unfortunately, and my level of comfort with computer stuff is ‘nearly nil’. I failed computer science 1 back in high school, don’t really have the right mindset to work with code I don’t think. But, I edited RAWs for dwarf fortress to add races and whatnot because seriously it doesn’t take a genius to ape something, which is basically what I intend to do here. It seems kind of flat to just start off addicted to whatever’s in your inventory (It’d suck to have a bottle of liquor and a rag for a ‘firebug’ profession and be hooked on booze) but it makes sense for a prototype of the system. Glad to hear it’s coming in future versions though.