How do handle vehicle parts work?

how do the ingame handle vehicle part work? i never used it so i confused and i try to keep my vehicle’s body as smooth as i can keep it since I tend for larger vehicles and thus i try to save space with the large frame by keeping the outside smooth

Handles are just frames with special graphics; they don’t affect vehicle speed differently than other frames.

i was more thinking hitting things while i drive.

Speaking of which. Do NPCs actually hold onto handles when attached to the outside of a vehicle?

Do they get flung if the vehicle moves to fast and/or taking corners?

Handles are for dragging things. I’m not entirely sure WHAT they do, bc you can grab and drag things without handles. Maybe it gives a bonus to drag weight…I dunno. But no, NPC’s won’t hold onto the handles, as cool as that would be. They will go flying during collisions if not in a seat with a seatbelt/harness. I’ve never seen an unsecured NPC get tossed during a turn or during hard braking.

maybe it controls what part is being pulledi have had pulled vehicals turn and end up under my guy

Hey brother. Little help with this topic?

What can handles do?

The only thing that came to mind is when Malk here mentions pulling. I then thought it may be for small “vehicles” such as a crane or something?

…and definitely not for NPCs to hold onto, ala mobster 1920’s cars?

Normal handles are the equivalents of frames, only with low durability, foldable and made from a single pipe. You can balance heavy machine guns and other weapons with the MOUNT flag on them.

Wooden handles are the equivalent of a wooden frame.

Light wooden handles are the equivalent of a light wooden frame.

Handles are not treated in any special fashion for vehicle speed, collisions, impacts, NPCs, dragging, or anything else. They are frames with a different graphic.

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