Some possible vehicle improvements? Loading ramp, raised frame, cargo/trunk

Hello there, just a few requests/suggestions for vehicles that would probably be difficult to do.

The first: Loading ramps and raised frames. Both are constructs you make instead of frames that you can mount basic things on (but nothing complex like an engine or a bed or something). They’re really more a utility part.

What I mean:

First, raised frames - A specialized utility frame who’s properties are that they can pass over low objects, frames, and mobs without issue or interaction. Think like a towtruck’s raised boom. Zombies and stuff can still technically reach it and hit it but they’d probably just pass underneath to get more juicier things.

Secondly: Cargo ramps

This would be the reverse of the above. You have to raise/lower it, and if you drive around with it lowered you could potentially cause a bunch of noise. If you raise it though then it acts like an extra light frame rather than a ramp.

It would be a part of a vehicle frame that allows draggable objects past. When the cargo frame part of the vehicle would normally collide with an object that can be dragged by the player normally by hand and isn’t anchored, and the angle is mostly straight on (basically like moving onto or away and not side-swiping it) instead it would allow the object past.

The use - Player dragging object onto cargo ramp from the ground, instead of colliding with it, the object would get dragged over the cargo ramp. From then, if the object is moved from the cargo ramp to the ground, or to a frame that has either a trunk or a cargo space installed (but nothing smaller), the object will drag there and become part of the frame to a degree. The object can be dragged off but will collide with objects that aren’t trunks/cargospaces/cargo ramps.

On a side note, you could also lower it and drive around to make a lot of noise, or you could mount lowered ones on the front of your vehicle as like a ‘scoop’. I don’t know what you’d accomplish with that but it sounds neat.

If a draggable object is on a cargo or trunk space, the weight of the draggable object would become factored into the vehicle frame and the object would move along with the vehicle.

This includes other frames, so you could use this to store a motorcycle, or such.

Thirdly, Ties/hooks/tethers.

A part that can be attached to cargo spaces/trunks and activated/deactivated to tether objects to it. Used in conjunction with part two above, it would prevent the bulky cargo from rolling around or smashing into your frames or falling out the back.

Further, a sort of hook-tether system that works on a pulley, and can be attached to a raised frame. If an object underneath it is draggable (such as a vehicle frame or furniture) and you activate it, the object would become anchored into your vehicle and factored into the aerodynamics and weight and such. The object is pulled along behind, and subject to possibly becoming damaged from any (ir)responsible driving you may partake in.

I really hope we see a lot of these in coming updates, I’m getting really tired of storing my atv as pieces in a box.