How did you find out about this great game?

Rycon roleplays. Dusks tale

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Same over here too. Well, Rycon but it was Elliot “The Wendigo” that I first started watching. Dusk’s twin brother

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I’m currently having Bran withdrawal


Oh, I know. Ugh… I got so used to the two a week.

“Hey hey hey… Sseth here.”


Was looking for a game I would probably get rid of a year from now but at least still have fun with it.

That was like 2016…


Kruggsmash’s halloween video.

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I first was expossed to C:DDA by Jef Major’s YouTube channel. I miss Uncle Jeff, dude keeps getting really sick and can’t stream anymore.

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Welcome friend,we came here by the same way,our beloved warlord showed us the true path of Islam

He forgot to give us the Kalashnikov’s (NEVER give weapons to NPC’s they are more retarded than Kidz that make fortnite dances IRL)

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Got in early. Pre-DDA days. Whales was taking feature suggestions and I’m pretty sure I got him to do the Molotov cocktail. Mmmm, memories. Been hooked ever since.

Did I find it on Bay12? I really don’t remember.


Same here, I am fairly sure I found out about this game on, my previous hard drive failed recently (Unfortunately I lost my collection of roguelike games, I literally had every roguelike you can find there and on roguetemple that was any good. Some of which im sure are unobtainable now.

On a good note, the greatest game ever created imo, is Cataclysm, I was so stoked when i discovered that its now opensource as Dark Days Ahead, Whales had a fantastic foundation and Dark Days Ahead continues to bring this game places I never thought possible!

I found this game while looking for another zombie survival roguelike called Rogue Survivor. Some guy was talking about it on the Bay12 forums and I got intrigued. Cata was at like… 0.7? I believe? So I think I got into it pretty early in it’s development. Though not as early as some guys here. Even still, I love this game. So much fun, even after years of playing.

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