How am I supposed to know what is preventing me from entering a vehicle?

I keep unloading stuff but it feel like a guessing game. I have no idea how to quantify what I need to remove and why. Drive naked? Seems a firefighter’s kit doesn’t work in the firefighter vehicle.

The functionality is broken. Those in charge are discussing minor tweaks, but not to withdraw it.

If you want to be able to predict if you can fit you’ll have to measure your character’s total volume (including whatever is carried and worn) and compared that to the containment volume of the seat in that particular vehicle, and then know how the code handles other factors, such as roofs and adjacent tiles.

It can be noted that this change also removes the work around for transporting bulky items, i.e. carry them while driving, when the items don’t fit into the cargo compartment (200, 300, and max 500L, vs. freezers at 600 and 1000 L, for instance).

The only good news in this mess is that it seems this only applies if there’s a roof above the driver’s seat, so you should still be able to ride an MC or bike while 2m tall and morbidly obese (and you should be able to carry your freezer with you).

Hey j4k3, the calculation is wholly dependent on volume right now. If it won’t let you enter, remove more volume - either from what you’re carrying, or what’s already on the tile.

The lack of player feedback so they can judge how close they are to the limits is one of the issues we’re struggling with right now. I wish I could say that I have a good solution, but I do not.

Right now the calculation isn’t wholly dependent on volume, because the PR that removes other factors and increases the permitted volumes hasn’t been merged, and intense “discussion” is going in in that PR.

I believe that PR removes space in surrounding tiles from the calculation, but I also think a roof still figures into it (I definitely hope it does, as I don’t want the MC bulky item transport work around to be removed before there’s a way to transport such items in a sensible way).

I think the intended transport method for large items is tied-down vehicle parts: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Cataclysm

I’ve seen talks about it, but couldn’t find it, and so thought it wasn’t implemented (yet). Looks like it’s a matter of “modifying” the vehicle, though. I’ll look into it. Thanks for the info!

Just an update here because I know this has been frustrating people. I just merged a change that simply disables the feature preventing you from entering vehicle tiles, and we won’t be re- enabling it until we have a much better handle on what parameters should and should not prevent a character from entering a tile.

What I can say about what this this will look like in the future:
It’s not going to be based on raw volume.
Just obesity is very unlikely to make a character unable to drive vehicles. Basically if you’re that obese you’re not a playable character anyway.
For pure “can this character fit in this seat” determination height is likely to be the only limiting factor and that’s just going to be mutants.
Worn gear like backpacks and scabbards etc is likely to be a blocker for sitting in most vehicles.
When worn gear is the thing keeping from you taking a seat in a vehicle, we will have a prompt to stash the gear nearby and auto-wear it even you exit the vehicle.