Being too big for vehicles should make sure you're IN vehicle

Decided to do a little experimenting to see if I could pilot a vehicle without cramping up as a HUGE mutant. Feel free to skip to the suggestion.

1. Alright, can’t be INSIDE the car. That’s fair.
2. Removed all roofing and walls near seat. Still pain. Seat must be too small.
3. Placed controls on outside of vehicle. Need to be seated. Same problem
4. Replaced seat with aisle, still too small.
5. Piloted vehicle via remote control, but no part seems to exist that is both safe to clutch to and won’t induce pain.

My suggestion is simple. Being on the outside of a vehicle should preclude the pain from ‘stuffing yourself inside’ of a vehicle, operative word being -inside- Heck, a quick fix would be to make aisles roomy enough to pilot from, or at least occupy. That or include a ‘spacious aisle’. No roofing, walls or impassable parts nearby seems fair to me.

A “spacious” tag on any part that can be added by installing two of that part. Like a spacious frame that costs two frames to install.

I think the point of it is that you lack the fine-tuned dexterity to manipulate human-sized stuff easily. Youre an ogre now.

Ogre variants of vehicle parts could be a thing. Mutating Huge is a game-wrecking event, because armor is crap now, vehicles are unusable for sleeping in or longer trips and all you get for that is some extra strength.

I’d allow mounting heavy-duty frames as weaker than usual “spacious frames” with stats of regular frames, but no hugeness penalty for sitting in them. Since installing such a frame would require first reinstalling everything on the tile, it could be assumed that newly installed parts are installed in ogre-friendly configurations.
Though seats should require special treatment. The same set of seat+controls wouldn’t work well for both huge and regular sizes at the same time - small ones cause ogres to cramp up, huge ones would require regular humans to half-sit, half-stand, which would be hell for your back.

To reiterate. I’m not actually looking for the ability to negate huge+vehicles completely, just for it to be more interesting than: CAN’T USE AT ALL. Certainly I wouldn’t thumb my nose at spacious parts being added, but just adding them as bigger brothers to the existing stuff might be a tad bland. Some suggestions:

*No roofing as a rule. Sure you need head room, but you’d be hitting street lights and signs constantly. Maybe give a pass for cloth roofs, since they’re almost never used anyhow
*Can’t be inside vehicle. I’m perfectly fine with mutants having to swallow that bitter pill. Exterior flag should keep you from cramping up unless there’s something else in the tile that would bother you.
*Maybe add a harness or handhold part that functions like a seat with no seatbelt, making it possible to hang off an unpaneled or boarded section of vehicle. Strength checked during collisions not to go flying?
*I like the idea of ‘huge parts’ either taking longer for normal sized creatures to cross or being uncomfortable for them to occupy, like massive controls.
*Now I’m thinking of a huge bed needing a large tent to install…

Unrelated to topic, but how feasible is it for vehicle parts to occupy more than one tile?